I’m John DeRosa, and this is my blog.

What I write about

The topics you’ll find here include Python, Django, careers, technical and team leadership, and the Seattle geek/technology ecosystem.

What I do today

I work at Solinea. Before that, I was CTO and VP Engineering of IP Street, co-founder and Principal in Meta Consulting, and Director of Web Development for Fisher Interactive Network, which was Fisher Communications‘ web division.

My current technical interests are web application development and data-mining. I favor Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Solr, and other open source technologies. I’m fluent in JavaScript, CSS, etc., although I wouldn’t advertise myself as a front-end developer. My management work includes building and leading first-rate technical departments, and fixing dysfunctional teams.

My past technical work includes working in Perl, C, Java, C#, Lisp, and ISP microcode; on spiders, search engines, operating systems, and CPU instruction sets. I’m rusty in those disciplines, but they’re still in my head.

I regularly attend PyCon. I used to attend Open Source Bridge but I’m going to switch back to OSCON.

A brief history

I first used a computer in 1974, at Lynbrook High School. It was a Data General Nova 1200 running in-core BASIC.

After attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where I was enamored with a DECsystem-1050 during the golden age of WPI hacking, I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). I wrote CPU microcode for the VAX-11/750 and VAX 8600, worked on the first DEC Alpha workstation, ported Windows NT to DEC’s Alpha, and managed the NT/Alpha platforms team.

After DEC, I held VP and senior management roles in a few start-ups. The most successful was Singingfish, where I was Co-founder and VP Engineering. We created a novel service that we sold to Thomson SA, which sold it to AOL, which killed it. Joe Heck introduced me to Python and Django in 2006, when he and I built TrenchMice. For this am I ever grateful!

For fun, I spend time with good friends and obsess about my pets.

More details and contact info

My LinkedIn entry has more detail.

My e-mail address is john @ this site’s domain. I’m jderosa on IRC, and am sometimes on the #django channel. I’m @johnderosa on Twitter.


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