How not to manage production systems

I’ve been at Brex for one week and the onboarding is going great. One of the onboarding sessions was about the company’s build & deployment systems. It got me thinking about how my previous companies managed their production systems. And how cavalier some of them were. No two companies will have identical internal controls, but … Continue reading How not to manage production systems

Great moments in LinkedIn

On posts celebrating the ascendency of powerful female politicians, some LinkedIn users are commenting that Kamala Harris is a prostitute who “advanced her career on her back.” Classy.

Great moments in error popups

I use Banktivity for personal finance. It's OK...Quicken is still the gold standard but I don't trust their Mac development team for a few reasons. I was generating a report and entered a minus three to display the previous three years. Silly me, the minus sign was unnecessary.

Great moments in pretentious advertising for a condo building

Seen at the empty lot at 3rd & Virginia. But it's not empty. It has two condo mockups, complete with landscaping, that'll be torn down when the building goes up.

Great moments in advertising

Seen on the fence around the new construction at the old Kirkland ParkPlace. If you claim you are before you even exist, you won't be.