Great moments in advertising

Seen on the fence around the new construction at the old Kirkland ParkPlace. If you claim you are before you even exist, you won't be.

SMS confirmation codes

When SMS confirmation codes first went mainstream, they were four digits long. Then, five digits long. Today I had to enter a seven-digit SMS code to confirm my login with UnitedHealthcare. This security technique is hitting a useability wall. Going beyond eight digits will make people not use it for two-factor authentication.

Great moments in nutrition

A chocolate chip cookie uses the fact that it actually contains chocolate chips as a selling point. I'm not a foodie. But c'mon.

Great moments in hubris

If you refer to yourself as a leader, you likely aren’t one.  If you refer to yourself as a “thought leader,” you are without a doubt not one.  The titles and descriptions I read on LinkedIn will occasionally wind me up.