A follow-up on our undertaking of cutting the cord and using an OTA antenna…

Prodded by friends, we decided to have a roof antenna installed. Some channels weren’t coming in reliably with our in-the-closet setup, and some channels (notably KING5) didn’t come in at all.

It’s not easy finding an OTA antenna installation company. Many companies advertise satellite antennas without any mention of terrestrial antennas.

I went with Home Satellite.

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This is my fourth week at CBRE. I’m working in a small development team that’s making a business and market analytics platform for CBRE’s brokers. All modern technologies, lots of fun things to learn!

We’ve got open positions for Python/Django developers, and a DevOps leader.  Our office is in WeWork in Westlake Center, in downtown Seattle and convenient to the bus tunnel and mass transit.

To apply for this job, contact me at john.derosa@cbre.com!

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