On Twitter, I complained about the official Agile user story format of writing, “As a [user], I want to [action] so that [result]”:

As a user, I find starting every requirement with “as a user” tedious, pretentious, ostentatious, and pompous.

A tweep (@Symbo1ics) challenged me on this:

@johnderosa It’s still an improvement over “As a developer, I think a user…”

I think this is pretentious twaddle. Here’s why.
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This coming Monday is my last day at CBRE.

I’ve enjoyed working with smart people for the past year, building a new internal tool for CBRE’s brokers and managers. A new chapter begins for me in a couple of weeks, but right now I’m amazed at how productive a small motivated team can be. I’m thankful I could be a part of it.

Here’s a complete printset of the Venus Ibox, from 1984. It includes Ibox block diagrams, module and MCA block diagrams, and schematics for the MCAs and modules.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that there were ECOs after this version. But this hardware ran VAX/VMS and oodles of software.

Most of the page tops are faded. 75% of it is due to fading in the originals, and 25% is due to less-than-meticulous copying by FedEx.

Venus Ibox 1984-08-18