“Doonesbury” misplaces the Olympic Mountains

Today's Doonesbury comic strip gets its geography very wrong. Mike says: ...and eye-popping background art, like this stunning sunset in Washington's Cascades! In the comic strip, Mike Doonesbury's household is in Seattle. Yo, Gary, the sun sets over the Olympics, not the Cascades!

A funny comp.sys.mac.system exchange

John McWilliams wrote: Wes Groleau wrote: Nick Naym wrote: Excellent! "AM" modulation, "PM" modulation, "QAM" modulation and "TCM" modulation too. Every one a redundant tautology. Yes, each and every single one is a redundant and repetitive tautology. You can say that again. –– Richard Maine

Why Emacs is fun

Based on cursory searching, this chestnut first appeared on the web in 2006. I just came across it. (I disagree with the Visual Studio curve, BTW.)