Open Source Bridge 2012 epilogue

I had a good time at OSB this year. But I enjoyed it more in past years, and I'd say that this year was good, but not great. In terms of focus and information, OSB is geared for projects first and technology second. Most of the talks are about the psychology, logistics, mechanics, or organization … Continue reading Open Source Bridge 2012 epilogue

OSCON’s returning to Portland in 2010

Guess O'Reilly's moving OSCON to San Jose didn't work out so hot. I might attend OSCON 2010, depending on ticket prices and other factors. I'm more interested in Open Source Bridge 2010 — last year's conference was epic.

Some Open Source Bridge talks

I continue to be impressed and excited by the Open Source Bridge conference. It's easy, because the conference organizers have been a poster child for how to create a first-class grass-roots conference. I'm doing my small bit to publicize the conference here in Seattle, and did some outreach at PyCon 2009. I'm hoping that John … Continue reading Some Open Source Bridge talks

OSCON- -, Open Source Bridge++

I was disappointed by OSCON's move to San Jose starting this year. Their official justification was nonsense — basically, O'Reilly expects infinite growth forever, and thinks that bigger is better. As a happy northwestern transplant, I wish O'Reilly lots of luck with infinite growth in this economy. And with San Jose's higher costs of everything, concrete everywhere, … Continue reading OSCON- -, Open Source Bridge++

I won’t attend OSCON next year

I greatly enjoyed OSCON 2008. But I won't attend OSCON 2009, because its locale was moved from Portland to San Jose. I lived in San Jose for six months, when I worked for a former employer. (Maybe it was nine months... That job is fortunately a distant fuzzy memory.) Deciding whether to attend a conference … Continue reading I won’t attend OSCON next year

OSCON postscript

Two memorable postscripts to OSCON 2008. I got to Portland's Union Station about 1 1/4 hours before I had to board. Joe said its restaurant was decent, so I opted to allow some time to eat lunch there. But... The restaurant's name is Wilf's Restaurant. Good food, decent prices, nice atmosphere. No complaints. But that … Continue reading OSCON postscript

OSCON, day 3

The day starts off with a Windows blue screen of death on the system that drives the main hall's projection screens. Hmm. But, relax, it was just a visual prop for the first keynote address. Yay! I have to take a taxi to the train station.  Radio Cab advertises reservations over the web. But their … Continue reading OSCON, day 3

OSCON, day 2

The first keynote started with an REM music video.  Bang!, wake up! The Open Invention Network — great concept. Then, a "historian" talk, which I found self-indulgent, but which had a hilarious comment stream in the #oscon channel.  It remains to be seen how effective the Open Web Foundation will be — I don't understand how it … Continue reading OSCON, day 2

OSCON, day 1

The keynotes were mostly good.  Thinking about cloud computing as a centralization movement that's counter to recent computing trends was thought-provoking.  "We should always have full control." Chris Peterson had extremely perceptive observations on trends in security and privacy.  The database normalization talk was very good, but I wish it had been a little deeper. … Continue reading OSCON, day 1

OSCON travel, registration

Taking Amtrak to Portland was great! Business Class, at $82 round-trip, was a total win. But the conditions at King Street Station was sub-par.  The check-in procedure was silly: I first went to the ticketing kiosks to pick up my ticket, then I went to the other side of the room to check my baggage, and then I … Continue reading OSCON travel, registration