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I recently left Twitter. I’d had it up to here with the fake news and trolls. I enjoyed keeping in touch with friends and exchanging brief observations about our lives. But on balance I felt it wasn’t enriching, and instead was a source of negativity and anger.

After having been off Twitter for 10 days I can say this:

I’m happier without it. I’m more focused, less distracted, and can put more energy into more satisfying interactions with the world. Read More

My work is going well. We released a substantial pre-alpha of our product, and the first reactions are positive. I can’t say more than that, except to say that we’re now in a slog to reach the next release, which, if all goes well, will be somewhere between an alpha and a beta. Time will tell.

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Lately, I’ve seen an increase in “Twitter porn.”

That’s my term. I just invented it.

I’m not referring to web-cam girls, accounts with handles like lusty[insert name]2755. I’m referring instead to twittering about Twitter. Twitter porn is meta-twittering. It’s being social about being social. Like sexual porn, it can be good, but usually it’s teh suck.

Hey baby. You got girlfriend?

I was a CB radio user in the 80’s, when I lived in Massachusetts. I got into Single Side Band transmission, joined a local CB radio club, and briefly planned to buy a high-power (cough illegal cough) transmitter. I eventually lost interest, because I discovered that most CB conversations were about … CB radio. People bought CB radios to talk to other CB radio owners about CB, and this was a lot of navel-lint gazing.

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