Banned from /r/progressive

I’ve been banned from the /r/progressive subreddit due to “multiple user reports.” I’ve never posted nor commented on that subreddit, as best as I can tell from searching my own account history. Lol.

The Guardian makes subscribing fun

After I left Twitter, I decided to start paying for news. So I subscribed to The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian. (And I've been subscribed to Talking Points Memo for about five years.) I'm enjoying paying for journalism and being better informed. I read all three sources online or on my … Continue reading The Guardian makes subscribing fun

Changing my PyCon badge

Since registering for PyCon 2017 back during the early bird registration, I've changed jobs and stopped using Twitter. Here's my classy fix to the badge.

Python 3

Helping my company migrate everything to Python 3. Righteous! And we'll update everything else, including Django, when we do it. If only an updated Python Essential Reference was available... I'd buy it for every developer. I can't hassle David anymore since I left Twitter. 'Tis a shame. I could send him email and text messages, … Continue reading Python 3

I’m happier and more productive without Twitter

I recently left Twitter. I'd had it up to here with the fake news and trolls. I enjoyed keeping in touch with friends and exchanging brief observations about our lives. But on balance I felt it wasn't enriching, and instead was a source of negativity and anger. After having been off Twitter for 10 days … Continue reading I’m happier and more productive without Twitter

M-x Twit && PyCon

If you use Emacs and Twitter, give TwitteringMode a try.  It won't replace your favorite client, but you can easily follow a list without leaving Emacs and do most things (reply, RT, etc.) with it. No image posting, but it can optionally display avatars. Just registered for PyCon 2015. Yee haw!  

Lots cookin’

My work is going well. We released a substantial pre-alpha of our product, and the first reactions are positive. I can't say more than that, except to say that we're now in a slog to reach the next release, which, if all goes well, will be somewhere between an alpha and a beta. Time will … Continue reading Lots cookin’