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I’m grumpy about the local Seattle media’s self-serving Web 2.0 / blogosphere circular hand-tugs.

I’m grumpy about obvious toot-your-own-horn tweets on Twitter. (Hint: If I’m interested in your blog, it’ll be in my RSS reader. Tweeting that you just wrote a blog post is inane.)

I’m grumpy about how the main stream media writes about the stock market. It’s up, it’s down, investors are bullish or bearish. Here are two news flashes: Investors are clueless. And an index of 30 stocks doesn’t represent the economy, or even the rest of the stock market.

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BlatherWatch questions Susan Hutchison’s temperament for public office. It’s a must-read for King County residents. Money quote:

Hutchison, 55, looks good on paper and great in front of a mirror or a teevee camera, but substantively, and temperamentally, we found her, er, wanting. She couldn’t answer policy questions, and wouldn’t answer fundamental political questions, like “where do you stand on a woman’s right to choose,” or “who did you vote for president in 2008?”

She got visibly angry with some of our questions during the interview (the aforementioned on abortion being one) and called us at home later to clarify and reframe answers. She could be bat-her-big-eyes charming but also bristly, brittle, and defensive.

Because it was for a magazine, not a newspaper, she scolded us like an ex-girlfriend. “I thought you were going to be different!” she cried.

If she wins the election, she’ll be as good for King County as George W. Bush was for America.

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Steve Benen takes a sledgehammer to the Right’s “Bush kept us safe” arguments:

A TWIST OF THE ‘KEPT US SAFE’ ARGUMENT…. As the Bush/Cheney administration was poised to end, and there were an abundance of pieces reflecting on the Bush era, the most common defense tended to be that Bush “kept us safe.” I’ve never understood this argument.

Indeed, it’s generally offered with a series of pretty important caveats. Except for the catastrophic events of 9/11, and the anthrax attacks, and terrorist attacks against U.S. allies, and the terrorist attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Bush’s inability to capture those responsible for 9/11, and waging an unnecessary war that inspired more terrorists, and the success terrorists had in exploiting Bush’s international unpopularity, the former president’s record on counter-terrorism was awesome.

I woke up with a sore throat, but my wife and I voted anyway at 7 am. There were long lines. People were excited.

I’m so disappointed in the conservative “centrist” malarkey opinions on television these days. The MSM is dying, and the MSM on television (broadcast or otherwise) is dead. Long live the blogosphere.

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