Drop CTRL cap swap

I’m used to the Command key being adjacent to the space bar, but this keyboard swapped the Command and Option keys. Drop provides an easy-to-use tool for key remapping, and I could swap the caps with a keycap-puller. I’ll do that if my muscle-memory doesn’t adapt quickly enough.Drop CTRL mechanical keyboard review I swapped the … Continue reading Drop CTRL cap swap

Drop CTRL mechanical keyboard review

This is a review of the Drop CTRL mechanical keyboard with CHERRY MX Brown switches. My keyboard for the past eight years I’m a software developer. I've been working mostly from home since 2014. And since 2014 my external keyboard has been a Das Keyboard Professional S for Mac. I wrote about it after buying … Continue reading Drop CTRL mechanical keyboard review

Review of Dell U2715H 27″ LCD monitor

As part of setting up a home office for my work for Solinea, I needed a large display. My go-to display has been Apple's Thunderbolt Display. It's got Thunderbolt integration, (somewhat dated) Apple design esthetics, and the right pixel count. But other aspects of this three and one-half year old display aren't so good. It's … Continue reading Review of Dell U2715H 27″ LCD monitor