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My reflections on my first Plone conference…

Things that were great

The conference, in whole. The organizers did a great job, and we should all contribute to pay off their mortgages. 

I’m sometimes a bit jaundiced about the overused word, “community,” but the Plone/Zope community is aces.

Things that weren’t great

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center sucked. It’s cold, bland, and too big.

The Reagan building’s Wi-Fi sucked, sucked, sucked. It’s beyond me how the largest building in Washington, D.C, with 3.1MM square feet, could be overwhelmed by the network activity of a 310 person conference.

I would have paid $40 more in registration fees for slightly more interesting lunches. Read More

ZCML, CSS hooks, portlets, viewlets, GenericSetup, customization tricks, and I18N.

I sat in the front row, and my DVR, using the ECM-DS30P, made good recordings of the instructor’s voice. But boy, the ECM-DS30P does quickly drain the battery. A fresh AAA battery lasts about five hours when I use the best recording quality.

Jon Stahl shaved off his beard, and the free bootcamp Wi-Fi was much better today. Any causality between these two facts, in either direction, would rate an 8.5 on the oddness meter.

I saw rope lines set up outside the Hard Rock Cafe. Rope lines for a Hard Rock Cafe?

Today was ZPT, TTW philosophy, portal_view_customizations vs. portal_skins, viewlets, and simple customizations. Joel Burton is an excellent instructor.

The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center sucks. Many D.C. buildings are huge, but the Reagan building outsizes almost all of them. It’s so large that I found it uncomfortable and disorienting. And sterile, bland, and cold (cold as in feeling, not air temperature). Walking around it during our breaks was depressing. Wi-Fi within it costs $13/day, which is insane! Its only positive attribute was that building security wasn’t onerous — they let you keep your laptop in the bag, and your jacket & shoes on.

A janitor threw out my nifty DVR stand during a break. Sigh. I found a nearby Starbucks, so I’ll make a new one tomorrow morning.