The best farewell gift evar

The Coffee Meets Bagel backend team held a farewell dinner last night. Two of us were being fêted. I got a really cool gift. The best gifts are heartfelt. They say, “We know and appreciate you as a person. Here’s what you meant to us." The accompanying card said, "Congrats on reaching escape velocity!" This … Continue reading The best farewell gift evar

My new job

My job search’s three finalists were Brex, Datadog, and NexHealth. Three super interesting companies, at different stages of growth, in different industries. And three singularly enjoyable interview processes. Who did I ultimately choose? I chose Brex. And today I start my new job! I’m in a team that’s tackling scaling challenges in the company’s internal … Continue reading My new job

Job search timeline

Here's a timeline and commentary about my recent job search. I hope it’s useful to others. 2021-12-09: I decided it was time to look for a new job. I wasn't yet clear about the desired position, industries, or company attributes. I had possibilities for each but they weren't crisp nor prioritized. The clarity would come … Continue reading Job search timeline

My last day at CMB

Tomorrow is my last day at Coffee Meets Bagel.It’s been a great five years. I helped move the company forward, had fun, and learned some new technologies.I’m taking two weeks off and then starting a new adventure. To be continued!

Work and friendship

I have difficulty with the intersection of friend and work relationships. Camaraderie, friendship, co-worker, buddy, acquaintance, ally… The rules, or even just reasonable expectations, are amorphous. The safest course is to maintain an ethical wall between them.

Seattle Technology Jobs Fair on September 12

Coffee Meets Bagel is sponsoring a PuPPy jobs fair. Featuring multiple local companies and more than just Python developer openings! iOS developer Android developer product manager data scientist data engineer user acquisition manager customer experience positions and more! Come and learn and maybe find your next big adventure! Updated on 2018-09-04: A new version of the … Continue reading Seattle Technology Jobs Fair on September 12

This is only a temporary layoff

While unpacking boxes in what will become my office, I found this golden oldie comic from years ago. Decades ago. The more things change... If you've ever been laid off and told, "this is a business decision, it's nothing personal," you'll be able to relate.

Coffee Meets Bagel rocks

The Coffee Meets Bagel crew sent me six tubs of Humphry Slocomb ice cream on Friday. Packed in dry ice and everything! Why? Because they rock, that's why! I'm happier in my work than I've been in a long time. I love this team!