Solar power installer selected!

We selected A&R Solar to install our photovoltaic system and signed the contract. The broad elements of the system are: Thirty-one Panasonic EverVolt 410W panelsSolarEdgePower: 12.71 kWAnnual energy: 10,562 kWh in year 1Installation cost: $40,134...after Federal tax credit: $29,699Annual projected energy savings in year 1: $1,304 The runner-up was a proposal from Puget Sound Solar. … Continue reading Solar power installer selected!

A financial model for residential solar power

After years of thinking about it, I've decided to have solar panels installed on my house. I’m talking to three local solar power companies. In a future post, I'll share the winning bid’s numbers. For now, I’ll share why I think installing residential photovoltaics is a financial win. This carries a bucketload of Caveat Emptors! … Continue reading A financial model for residential solar power