First diagram made with Noteshelf: Not spectacular

I made my first non-trivial diagram using Noteshelf. It was a "learning experience." I organized the diagram into three sections. On the left are database and cloud storage symbols. In the middle are representations of background tasks, both periodic and invoked. On the right are our production server farms. All totaled, there are four db's, … Continue reading First diagram made with Noteshelf: Not spectacular

Can’t find a good iPad case with a stylus holder

I trawled the web for an hour today and couldn't find a decent iPad case with a stylus holder. The cases I did find were too bulky, didn't include a stand, or had some other glaring defect. A work friend jokingly suggested that I Velcro or tape a Baggie to the outside of my stm … Continue reading Can’t find a good iPad case with a stylus holder

My Wacom Bamboo Stylus

My new Bamboo Stylus arrived today! It's just long enough so that the upper inch or so rests in the space between my index finger and thumb, and hefty enough so that I feel it there. I don't have the specifications handy, but I'd say it weighs slightly more than a typical rollerball pen, but … Continue reading My Wacom Bamboo Stylus

iPad diagramming II

I'm playing more with Noteshelf and thinking about how I use a whiteboard. And I'm noticing aspects of my sketching for the first time... My drawings mutate a lot as I create them: I'll start out leaving space for objects (e.g., server boxes, database symbols), and then decide the objects need more space. (For practical … Continue reading iPad diagramming II

iPad diagramming

I often need to diagram things at work. It's usually something like a system block diagram, a gnarly code problem, or client-server interactions. Sometimes it's just a list of things I'm comparing. Whatever the diagram is, I need to the keep it around for a while. And refer to it, scribble on it, and update … Continue reading iPad diagramming