LinkedIn swamp

Good grief. Racism and right-wing bigotry is on the rise on LinkedIn. Some of the espoused views are morally repugnant. Has it been there for some time and I’m noticing it only now?

Great moments in hubris

If you refer to yourself as a leader, you likely aren’t one.  If you refer to yourself as a “thought leader,” you are without a doubt not one.  The titles and descriptions I read on LinkedIn will occasionally wind me up.

Rob Cottingham on LinkedIn Connections

On ReadWriteWeb, Rob Cottingham posted a funny cartoon about LinkedIn connections. It humorously captures my opinion about how people use LinkedIn.

Who are your LinkedIn connections?

On LinkedIn, you're supposed to connect only to "trusted individuals." Not just people you like, or met at one meeting. Or you kind of know because they were at a party at your brother's house. But, people you know well, and "trust." Funny thing is, nobody does this. LinkedIn says you should connect with... ...those people … Continue reading Who are your LinkedIn connections?