A review of “Plone 3 Theming”

I recently read Plone 3 Theming, a new book by Veda Williams. Although not presently working in Plone, I like to keep up with the Plone ecosystem. Should I find myself working on a new CMS, Plone will be one of my preferred technologies, so I need to nourish what few Plone neurons I've got. Obligatory … Continue reading A review of “Plone 3 Theming”

World Plone Day, Open Source Bridge, Friends, Bittersweet Chocolate

Yesterday's World Plone Day in Seattle was interesting, and helped me think about a few matters. Fifteen – 20 people were physically present, with another 10 watching via Brian Gershon's ustream.tv wizardry. (It was lower quality than a separate camcorder recording, due to a ustream.tv bug.) After Jon Stahl's introduction, Andrew Burkhalter, David Glick, and … Continue reading World Plone Day, Open Source Bridge, Friends, Bittersweet Chocolate

Interesting Open Source Bridge talk proposals

Open Source Bridge's proposal deadline is 12:00 midnight tonight. While I'm not personally interested in all of the proposed talks, they clearly have all had good thought put into them. Here are the ones that have piqued my curiosity: The Scylla and Charybdis of Open Source Legalese Using Open Source Principals to Save the Economy … Continue reading Interesting Open Source Bridge talk proposals

Idealware’s CMS comparison report

Idealware has published a report comparing four open-source CMSs. Its title: Comparing Open Source Content Management Systems: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Plone. (Is that a straightforward title, or what? Heh.) I read about it in a few blogs I follow. If you're interested in CMSs, I recommend this report. Here are some quotes to whet … Continue reading Idealware’s CMS comparison report

Open Source Bridge 2009: Deadline approaching

If you're thinking of giving a talk at Open Source Bridge 2009, you'd better hurry up and submit your proposal. Their submissions deadline is March 31! At last count, they have 33 submissions on topics including Linux kernel development, Drupal, OSS project maintenance, Ruby, and Plone. I've been working on getting the word out at … Continue reading Open Source Bridge 2009: Deadline approaching

Northwest Python Day

Yesterday was Northwest Python Day. All of the talks were great, and the day was immensely rewarding and enjoyable. Andrew introduced me to Andy McKay, with whom I've traded a bit of e-mail but never met. It's an oddity of today's world that you can do business, or strike up a friendship via a few e-mail exchanges, with … Continue reading Northwest Python Day

Plone sprints at PyCon 2009?

I'm working on my plans for attending PyCon 2009. I don't know whether to budget for the sprints — I'd stay for them if I could contribute to at least one. But, no sprints are listed yet... If you're considering organizing a Plone-related sprint, I'd like to hear from you, even if you're not yet … Continue reading Plone sprints at PyCon 2009?

Planet Plone Zookeeper: Almost There!

There's just one small hiccup standing between me and my new blog list duties. Today might be the day! Update @ 1/23: Alex Clark waved his magic wand, and I'm in! I closed three tickets today for new blog listings! Yee haw!

I’m the new Planet Plone zookeeper

Gerry Kirk asked for volunteers to take over as the maintainer of Planet Plone's blog list. I raised my hand, and Gerry quickly said, "Huzzah! We have a winner!" I'm the new zookeeper. It seems like an easy job. And, a way to start contributing (in a teensy-weensy capacity) to the Plone community. Tonight, I have, alas, … Continue reading I’m the new Planet Plone zookeeper

The beginning of Plone muscle memory

I'm doing some theming work on my team's first Plone-based site. It's the first real (i.e., useful, concrete, for-my-job) Plone work I've done. For the first time, just now, I knew how to find a viewlet's linkages and guts. Without thinking, I went looking for the configure.zcml and common.py files... I'm starting to know what … Continue reading The beginning of Plone muscle memory