AT&T tethering while I’m on the road

I'm going to use AT&T tethering while I'm traveling to & from PyCon 2011. CLEAR/Clearwire could have gotten my business, but their service has been so terrible at home. They lose!

More evidence CLEAR WiMAX is a terrible ISP

Netflix released a study of ISP bandwidth. The result? CLEAR is at the very bottom:

CLEAR fails another customer support test

I filed a complaint about CLEAR with the WA Attorney General's office. Yesterday, about two weeks after I filed the complaint, someone from CLEAR calls me and is very apologetic. "We want to see if you're having any more speed issues." We talk. He says let's do another speed test. I say OK. He says … Continue reading CLEAR fails another customer support test

More CLEAR WiMAX suckage

I just received my first cell-phone solicitation, courtesy of my CLEAR ToS. If this happens again, I'll consider returning to Qwest.

Review of CLEAR WiMAX in Seattle

(Read parts I, II, and III.) Yesterday, I did another speed test with CLEAR's level 1 tech support. (I.e., the reps you get by dialing 1-888-888-3113.) CLEAR's support rep said they had done no work on my ticket, but they wanted to do another speed test anyway. Hrm. No work at all? None. The results: My … Continue reading Review of CLEAR WiMAX in Seattle

CLEAR wants to do another speed test

The next installment in my continuing saga... CLEAR contacted me. There's no new information about my problem, and they didn't say they fixed anything. But they want to do another speed test. I've scheduled it for tomorrow evening.

CLEAR WiMAX sucks, part deux

My first installment described CLEAR's Terms of Service horror show. My fun continued when I finished my account activation and got on the net. Uh-oh I quickly noticed a time lag in my surfing. Speedtest confirmed that the bandwidth was not what CLEAR had advertised. CLEAR had promised me 7Mb/1.2Mb when I signed up. I … Continue reading CLEAR WiMAX sucks, part deux

CLEAR WiMAX sucks in Seattle

I've been quite satisfied with my Qwest 7Mb/894Kb DSL service. It had occasional bandwidth hiccups, but none were major. Their customer service was great and the service reliability was rock solid. A man may choose to tinker with something that's not broken, and look for "better" alternatives. I've done that to my Internet access. Woe … Continue reading CLEAR WiMAX sucks in Seattle