I’ve started re-reading The Mote in God’s Eye. I first read it shortly after it was published, back when I was in mumblecoughmumble grade.

The 1970’s-era sci-fi character development (everyone speaks like an astrophysicist including warship captains), dialog (“Blast it!”), and male-female relations (sexist) don’t fit contemporary expectations. But they are the artifacts of its time. It’s a great yarn that’s still very enjoyable and thought-provoking. Even recognizing its shortcomings is instructive.

I wonder why it’s never been made into a movie or mini-series. It has the sci-fi operatic atmosphere of The Expanse, albeit shorter.

Between our neighbors and us is a lattice fence. It runs from one end of the property line to the other. We’ve nicknamed it, “The Squirrel Superhighway.”

One of our windows is perfectly positioned for the constant monitoring of this critical boundary. 

I’ve had Flixster’s iPhone app for years. It’s been handy for staying abreast of upcoming movies and DVD releases. Along with movie synopses, it shows each movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score and has links to movie reviews.

This morning, I tapped on a movie to get more info. Up came a video ad that I couldn’t disable.

And -poof- I deleted Flixster’s app from my phone.