Bye Flixster

I've had Flixster's iPhone app for years. It's been handy for staying abreast of upcoming movies and DVD releases. Along with movie synopses, it shows each movie's Rotten Tomatoes score and has links to movie reviews. This morning, I tapped on a movie to get more info. Up came a video ad that I couldn't disable. And -poof- I … Continue reading Bye Flixster

WaveCradle: Passive iPhone amplification

I just bought a blue WaveCradle. It passively amplifies the iPhone's speaker. What it really does is look cool and redirect the sound output. Whatever. It works, I like it, so there you go.

iTunes Genius Playlist creation comes and goes

Since upgrading my iPhone to iOS 5 and subscribing to iMatch, I've noticed that Playlists | Genius Playlist sometimes disappears from the Music app. Sometimes the menu item is there, and sometimes it's not. Has anyone else seen this?

Approving new Twitter followers from an iPhone

I protected my tweets on Twitter. When you protect your tweets, you have to approve any new follower request. This is easy if you use a desktop or laptop browser. But if you use a Twitter client application, or a mobile browser on Android or iPhone, you can't approve new followers. In fact, you won't … Continue reading Approving new Twitter followers from an iPhone