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Clearing the mental attic of some odds and ends…

A little bird told me that Fisher Communications is up for sale. I have no idea if this is true. But interestingly, Fisher filed an 8-K on August 24, notifying the SEC of changes in its top executives’ Change of Control agreements. From its preamble:

The Board believes it is imperative to diminish the inevitable distraction of the Executive arising from the personal uncertainties and risks created by a pending or threatened Change of Control, to encourage the Executive’s full attention and dedication to the Company currently and in the event of any threatened or pending Change of Control, and to provide the Executive with reasonable compensation and benefit arrangements upon a Change of Control.

IANAL, but the document indicates that in the event of a change in control, Colleen Brown will receive 2x her annual salary plus any optional bonuses then in effect, and other execs will get 1x their annual salaries plus their optional bonuses. These terms are generous, in my experience.

If you know anything about this, drop me a line at john at seeknuance dot com. Or if you prefer, tack on a comment to this post.

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In my desire to find new employment, I’ve considered local broadcast and media companies. My recent Plone work for Fisher Communications, which included a project to move their sites onto an in-house installation, led to my discovering an interest in CMSs. Before Fisher, I’d never worked on one in a commercial project. Another “traditional media vs. the Internet” corporate situation would be fun, and I ought to be an interesting candidate to such a company.

Unfortunately Fortunately, Seattle has two examples of a traditional media outlet being forced moving onto the Internet. Both result from the demise of a local newspaper, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. This is interesting from multiple angles: Seattle news, hyper-local news, career, CMS applications, and applying Plone.

  • was the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s web site. It’s the newspaper’s only remaining presence, and is attempting to transform into an entirely digital news product.
  • The Seattle PostGlobe is a nonprofit, 100% volunteer venture by ex-Seattle P-I employees who either didn’t want to work at, or weren’t offered positions there when the newspaper folded.

N.B. I have no inside knowledge of, or contacts within, or Seattle PostGlobe. My conjectures are based on my observations and information from third parties.
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One of the technical initiatives at work has finally come to fruition! We are now hooking our sites up to a commenting system. (Aka third-party, or JavaScript, commenting.) The roll-out happens this week.

KOMO news is the first site to receive it. Go there now, and you’ll find “Comment()” links after each story summary. Go to a story, and you can comment on it.

An interesting aspect of this is our adding commenting to news stories, and not to just blogs or opinion pieces. Some smaller sites have story commenting, such as the Pierce County Herald, and hyper-local sites such as Pegasus News almost always have it. But most second- or third-tier papers, such as the LA Times, don’t. (The Chicago Tribune web edition is an example of one that does.)

Commenting systems provide an easy way for readers to debate a story, and give feedback to the sites’ reporters and editors. It’s one thing to e-mail your comments to, say, Ken Schram — but connecting with him via a commenting system raises reader interaction to a whole new level. Read More