PyCon 2017, day three

11:33: The jobs fair and poster boards were interesting. Nothing directly applicable to my current work, though. It's great to reconnect with friends at PyCon. This is a social event almost as much as it is a technical one. 08:50: In lightning talks ATM. The last day of the conference. I'm dragging my luggage around all … Continue reading PyCon 2017, day three

PyCon 2017, day two

13:29: Most of the talks I'm going to today are about Python 3.6. (Performance, new features, new magic methods, etc.) Videos of the talks and tutorials are being uploaded to a YouTube channel. 08:39: Lightning talks.  Daniel and Karim did the 5K. I slept.

PyCon 2017, day one

17:33: I'm bushed. I planned on attending the lightning talks and then the conference dinner, but I feel my control rods auto-inserting and I know it's best to pace myself. Great talks on Python 3.6 performance and antiquated Python anti-patterns. A very good talk about conda. And a talk about pdb that started off at a beginner level … Continue reading PyCon 2017, day one

PyCon tutorials, day two

19:10: We went to Nicholas. Decent place. Had a nice lamb kabob. 13:20: Parallel data analysis. Wow. An expansive survey of the SOTA in Python parallelizing technologies: Concurrent.futures, Spark, Dask, etc. This is what a good tutorial does — surveys a taxonomy and illuminates the tradeoffs and overlaps. It can beat reading N articles by Y authors who … Continue reading PyCon tutorials, day two

PyCon tutorials, day one

17:00: This afternoon's tutorial was an introduction to statistical modeling. We started off badly when the instructor sent us the preparatory instructions about two hours before the start. It included downloading and installing Anaconda, which is a mother of a download and a mother of an install. The available time was actually less than two hours … Continue reading PyCon tutorials, day one

Changing my PyCon badge

Since registering for PyCon 2017 back during the early bird registration, I've changed jobs and stopped using Twitter. Here's my classy fix to the badge.

PyCon, day 3

Today was half keynote addresses, jobs fair, and the poster session. And half talks. Beyond Grep: Practical Logging and Metrics. Sentry, Librato, Graphite, Grafana, StatsD, Riemann, Splunk, Loggly, Papertrail, Elk, Graylog... Python Performance Profiling: The Guts and Glory.  This talk dissected a real-world performance event from MongoDB engineering. Performance by the Numbers: Analyzing the performance of … Continue reading PyCon, day 3

PyCon, day 2

Another great day of talks. How to Write Reusable Code. Best advice of the day, "Functions should return a result or have a side-effect, but not both." I never heard it suggested before, or thought of it myself. A great guideline for increasing code's maintainability and testability! Update: TIL this is called Command-query separation. Ansible … Continue reading PyCon, day 2