Time to cull .emacs

I think it’s time I cull my .emacs file. I’ve got at least two packages partially stomping on each other because some package isn’t very well behaved. (ivy? avy? counsel? ivy-posframe? symon? Eh...maybe it’s one of the other 30 packages I use.) The symptoms: Anaconda-mode flips me off, I can’t predict when I’ll get a … Continue reading Time to cull .emacs

emacs-libvterm vs. macOS vs. M-p

I use ace-window, mapped to M-p. I wanted to use M-p in the vterm window and not have the sequence sent to the terminal. The intersection of macOS' processing of the escape key vs. Emacs proved to be a challenge. Here's the solution, courtesy of Gabriele Bozzola. ;; emacs-vterm, a terminal that's better than the … Continue reading emacs-libvterm vs. macOS vs. M-p


Emacs-libvterm is my new favorite terminal emulator. If you want the multi-term flavor, there's multi-vterm. I had trouble building emacs-libvterm because of a cmake oddity. This fixed it.

GNU Emacs for OS X is a Win

I've used Aquamacs for the past four years or so. It has its strong points. But I've always been a little unhappy with its slow performance relative to native Emacs (I use a MacBook Pro), and its unique initialization and behaviors. I'm sure there are good reasons for every difference. But each difference is a … Continue reading GNU Emacs for OS X is a Win

Back to the Future

After my embarrassing post about anaconda, I've awakened a Jonesing for working again in Lisp. I think I'll look for a project to contribute to — maybe start by fixing some minor bugs in an Emacs package, or something similar.

Emacs company-mode and company-anaconda

When setting up your .emacs to automatically add company-anaconda to your company-backends list, eval-after-load is your friend:

identi.ca vs. twitter

I've used identi.ca micro-blogging for the past five months. I'm switching to twitter. Why identi.ca? I was involved with a number of projects at Fisher Communications until last month. Including building a Plone system to be its news sites' in-house CMS. Our development environment and technology stack were open-source, with only a couple exceptions. When I worked … Continue reading identi.ca vs. twitter

Why Emacs is fun

Based on cursory searching, this chestnut first appeared on the web in 2006. I just came across it. (I disagree with the Visual Studio curve, BTW.)  

Ah, Emacs

I've been using SPE as my Python editor for a couple of years.  It takes an IDE approach to the user window and UX model.  I liked it, and I even donated money to its support fund. But I've been an Emacs guy since back in the day.  I was never fond of Emacs' Windows integration, … Continue reading Ah, Emacs