Confusions about a Goldfish

In between mind-mapping my future, updating my resume, meeting other Fisher ex-employees, and watching Deadwood DVDs from Netflix, I've had time to surf the web for whatever my passing fancy desires. One of my fancies is reminiscing about, and hunting for, music. The earliest lyrics to notably impact my emerging teenage consciousness were these, from "Confusions … Continue reading Confusions about a Goldfish

Living in the City

Jeff Carrick came upon my post about a song that was very important to me in my teenage years, but had been lost to time. He commented on it, and followed it up with e-mail, telling me the name of the group, album, and the song name. And he sent me a link to an mp3 … Continue reading Living in the City

while listening_to(Plone): code(Plone)

Most of the technical people in my division (Fisher Interactive) use Apple Macs. They're all MacBook Pros, except for a Mac Pro used by Andrew. I sometimes listen to music via iTunes when I work. I've rediscovered classical music, so my library has some of that (e.g., a London Symphony performance of Holst's The Planets, … Continue reading while listening_to(Plone): code(Plone)

Song lyrics that travel with me, and are lost to time

Like everyone, I have some favorite songs.  Some of them are from a long time ago. This is a snippet of a song lyric that I remember from my youth.  It's a vocal refrain, sung by mail voices at the end of a rock song. (Possibly folk-rock, if you want to get particular.)  They repeated … Continue reading Song lyrics that travel with me, and are lost to time