This is only a temporary layoff

While unpacking boxes in what will become my office, I found this golden oldie comic from years ago. Decades ago. The more things change... If you've ever been laid off and told, "this is a business decision, it's nothing personal," you'll be able to relate.

You’ll never know the real story

GeekWire had a couple of stories yesterday about start-up exits. They're in keeping with the usual exit article: Smiling faces, we're very happy to be acquired by a competitor whom we previously said we were better than, etc. I'm not picking on GeekWire — all of our news sources, mainstream or otherwise, have this problem. I'm reminded … Continue reading You’ll never know the real story

Ending my onboarding 

Coming up on the end of my fourth week at Coffee Meets Bagel. Starting Monday I'll work remotely from Seattle. It's been a fun onboarding period but I'm bushed!

End of my first week!

I've ended my first week at Coffee Meets Bagel. Lots of orientation, names to learn, and tools & processes to understand! I've started digging into the code base and was able to made two minor pull requests. I definitely did not earn my pay this week and I'm telling myself to relax and to not beat … Continue reading End of my first week!

Coffee Meets Bagel

Monday I start working for Coffee Meets Bagel.  I'll be working remotely for them out of my home. One or two days a week I may use a nearby coffee shop.

Delusional? Visionary?

How do you differentiate delusional vs. visionary? A person has an idea, everyone says she's delusional and the idea sucks, it fails, they say I told you so. But if it succeeds, they trip over themselves saying how visionary she was and the idea was brilliant. The ends should never justify the means. But they … Continue reading Delusional? Visionary?

When should you leave a start-up?

"5 sure signs that a good startup is going bad" came up in my Zite magazine. It's a pretty good read, well worth jaunting over there to read it. (Go ahead, I'll wait until you return.) It's written for entrepreneurs, and it got me thinking about my list of start-up warning signs for employees. Employees … Continue reading When should you leave a start-up?

Seattle startup scene: More of the same, all the time

Either I'm the most curdled curmudgeon in the world, or the most insightful person in the world. It's a bimodal graph with no middle ground. I lurk on the Seattle Tech Startups list, follow GeekWire and TechFlash (which went downhill after Bishop and Cook left), keep abreast of what's cooking in NWEN, and occasionally attend after-work local tech … Continue reading Seattle startup scene: More of the same, all the time

Clever stealth start-up landing page: Grapevyn

I'm not trying to find clever landing pages of stealth-mode start-ups, but Grapevyn's got a good one.

Kiha: Creative stealth-mode landing page

Dang Nguyen, a friend and colleague, handed in his resignation to DocuSign, and in a couple of weeks will start a new job as the software configuration manager for Kiha Software. Dang couldn't say what they're building, because Kiha's still in stealth-mode. There's been only a trickle of info published about them, so I surfed … Continue reading Kiha: Creative stealth-mode landing page