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GeekWire had a couple of stories yesterday about start-up exits.

They’re in keeping with the usual exit article: Smiling faces, we’re very happy to be acquired by a competitor whom we previously said we were better than, etc. I’m not picking on GeekWire — all of our news sources, mainstream or otherwise, have this problem.

I’m reminded how we have so much partially accurate or wholly inaccurate news in our lives. We get the public statements asserting this or that, but we’ll never know what truly went down.

It’s more than, “History is written by the victors.” How can you know if what you know about the world is complete and accurate?

I’ve ended my first week at Coffee Meets Bagel. Lots of orientation, names to learn, and tools & processes to understand!

I’ve started digging into the code base and was able to made two minor pull requests. I definitely did not earn my pay this week and I’m telling myself to relax and to not beat myself up about it.

My flight home is delayed. It’s easy to blame the airline, but of course they don’t want the flight delayed either. It’s probably bad weather. On the other hand, I have a shiny new Apple/LG UltraFine 5K display waiting for me at home to unpack and play with this weekend. Can’t wait! Squeeeeeee!

How do you differentiate delusional vs. visionary?

A person has an idea, everyone says she’s delusional and the idea sucks, it fails, they say I told you so. But if it succeeds, they trip over themselves saying how visionary she was and the idea was brilliant.

The ends should never justify the means. But they often justify the post hoc historical judgement.

This irks me.



Dang Nguyen, a friend and colleague, handed in his resignation to DocuSign, and in a couple of weeks will start a new job as the software configuration manager for Kiha Software.

Dang couldn’t say what they’re building, because Kiha’s still in stealth-mode. There’s been only a trickle of info published about them, so I surfed to their site, thinking I’d find a few tidbits, maybe the founders’ names, or some hints as to what they’re doing, etc. Well I didn’t get any of that, but I did get a great laugh for the day. They’ve got the most creative stealth-mode site I’ve seen in a long time! If they’re half as creative with the rest of their business as they are with their site, they’ll be a great place to work at.

Kiha, good luck in whatever it is you’re doing! And congratulations on landing Dang.