As you go

If you’re even slightly introspective and empathetic, you reach a time in your life when you realize your shortcomings. And then you try to correct them. At a later time, you acknowledge your shortcomings and shrug them off. You accept them.

Senior citizen icons

When you get to be a certain age, marketers and graphical designers use this kind of imagery to represent, "you the consumer." excuse me while I fetch my pills Here's imagery to express my appreciation of this.

The best farewell gift evar

The Coffee Meets Bagel backend team held a farewell dinner last night. Two of us were being fêted. I got a really cool gift. The best gifts are heartfelt. They say, “We know and appreciate you as a person. Here’s what you meant to us." The accompanying card said, "Congrats on reaching escape velocity!" This … Continue reading The best farewell gift evar

Idle hands surfing for memories

Occasionally when I’m bored, I’ll search the web for past friends, girlfriends, teachers, or employer news. Sometimes I find a heart-warming nugget. Last night I stumbled upon a Facebook group about my elementary school, West End Elementary. It had do-you-remember posts about teachers, some of which spilled over into discussions about junior high and high … Continue reading Idle hands surfing for memories

Work and friendship

I have difficulty with the intersection of friend and work relationships. Camaraderie, friendship, co-worker, buddy, acquaintance, ally… The rules, or even just reasonable expectations, are amorphous. The safest course is to maintain an ethical wall between them.

Mulling this blog

I'm thinking about pulling the plug on this blog. I don't feel the writing urge as much as I used to. OTOH the cost of maintaining it is low and maybe I'll want to resume blogging again. OTTH, less is less.

Chevy Bolt EV

Up until one month ago, if you told me I would buy my next car from a domestic car company, I would have laughed at you. If you told me that my next car would be a Chevy, I would have ROFLMAO. We are now the proud owners of a Chevy Bolt EV. We decided … Continue reading Chevy Bolt EV

Our housewarming

My wife and I held a housewarming yesterday in our house of two+ months. So many friends came and it was a fantastic time! But we're now agonizing over gifts without tags and we can't recall their givers! We greeted, hugged, here this is for you!, start talking about the house, then another friend arrives … Continue reading Our housewarming

Busy and happy

Lots going on! We bought a house and we're moving back into Queen Anne on Monday. The CMB/Seattle office now employs five people and has  multiple job openings. Life is good!