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From now on, I won’t read blogs that have commenting disabled. There will be only one exception to this rule — Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish gets a pass.

I decided this after reacting to a post about Amtrak on plope. The author, Chris McDonough, felt that Amtrak’s cost was too high, and its predictability too low, relative to using his car for the same trip. Tracking automobile expenses is a minor hobby of mine, and so I wanted to comment on the blog post. (Amtrak’s Seattle – Portland run is a major win over driving.) Read More

As it’s the end of a month, I took a look at this blog’s page view stats. They’re tiny, of course, but trending up:

Seek Nuance page views

Seek Nuance monthly page views

September was the highest month, with 4,718 views. There’ve been 18,233 views total, since inception.

Gee, that high month was about 1/3 of TrenchMice‘s average month in the last year of its existence. And it was done without writing lots of code, doing lots of page design, or maintaining any servers. Just writing up my thoughts. Sigh…

One of the technical initiatives at work has finally come to fruition! We are now hooking our sites up to a commenting system. (Aka third-party, or JavaScript, commenting.) The roll-out happens this week.

KOMO news is the first site to receive it. Go there now, and you’ll find “Comment()” links after each story summary. Go to a story, and you can comment on it.

An interesting aspect of this is our adding commenting to news stories, and not to just blogs or opinion pieces. Some smaller sites have story commenting, such as the Pierce County Herald, and hyper-local sites such as Pegasus News almost always have it. But most second- or third-tier papers, such as the LA Times, don’t. (The Chicago Tribune web edition is an example of one that does.)

Commenting systems provide an easy way for readers to debate a story, and give feedback to the sites’ reporters and editors. It’s one thing to e-mail your comments to, say, Ken Schram — but connecting with him via a commenting system raises reader interaction to a whole new level. Read More

Going by what I read, there’s lots of technical interest in writing Django blogging applications.  Django-users regularly gets questions about it, and it’s easy to come across a related blog post. For example, Patrick Altman wrote I want to Move my Blog to Django, and James wrote Where is Django’s blog application?

This puzzles me, because a Django blogging application is a dead end. Read More

I manually invoke Ping-o-Matic after I write a new post on TrenchMice’s blog.  It’s supposed to happen automatically, but doesn’t — something’s amiss with our WordPress installation, and it hasn’t been important enough to debug.

Great service, every blogger uses it, and it’s worked fine for months.  But I started to get either session timeouts, or the “Slow down, you’re pinging too often” page, starting about five days ago.

I informed the Ping-0-Matic powers-that-be.  I did it via a comment to the most recent (but still quite old) entry on their blog,  because I couldn’t find a contact address.  I checked back a day later and my comment was deleted, but they never replied back.  Maybe they already know about it, and I’m the Nth person to ask.