The Mote in God’s Eye

I've started re-reading The Mote in God's Eye. I first read it shortly after it was published, back when I was in mumblecoughmumble grade. The 1970's-era sci-fi character development (everyone speaks like an astrophysicist including warship captains), dialog ("Blast it!"), and male-female relations (sexist) don't fit contemporary expectations. But they are the artifacts of its time. It's … Continue reading The Mote in God’s Eye

Python Testing Cookbook: A review

I bought "Python Testing Cookbook" by Greg L. Turnquist, published by Packt. The good. I liked the cookbook recipe approach. Each recipe has the same headers: Its name, "How to do it," "How it works," and "There's more." This may not sound fancy, and it isn't, but it works. The writing's good (albeit sometimes elementary — … Continue reading Python Testing Cookbook: A review

Review: Django 1.2 e-commerce

I already have Beginning Django E-Commerce. When Django 1.2 e-commerce came out, I thought, sure, why not. I'm a pushover for a good technical book. It has positive buzz, modulo some rumblings about glaring errors in the code samples. The quick details Chapter 1: What's Django and why it's good for e-commerce. Zzzzzzzz... Chapter 2: Quickly … Continue reading Review: Django 1.2 e-commerce

A review of “Plone 3 Theming”

I recently read Plone 3 Theming, a new book by Veda Williams. Although not presently working in Plone, I like to keep up with the Plone ecosystem. Should I find myself working on a new CMS, Plone will be one of my preferred technologies, so I need to nourish what few Plone neurons I've got. Obligatory … Continue reading A review of “Plone 3 Theming”