Drobo data recovery: Conclusion

My dead Drobo saga's conclusion... tl;dr Grades: Drobo customer support: A+. DiskWarrior: F. Disk Rescue 3: A-. Don't consider your Drobo to be hot-swappable. Ever. Buy Disk Rescue 3 and have it on hand. Run Disk Utility and do a Verify Disk once a month. If that's too often for you, do it once a quarter. … Continue reading Drobo data recovery: Conclusion

Trying to rescue data off my dead Drobo

Drobo customer support is trying but is coming up empty. Now I'm trying Data Rescue 3 to read data off the Drobo. DiskWarrior can't see the Drobo because it isn't mounted, but Data Rescue 3 can. In fact, DiskWarrior also doesn't see the Drobo when it's run stand-alone off their DVD! I tried this on … Continue reading Trying to rescue data off my dead Drobo

Drobo update: In the hands of Drobo customer support…

I've filed a ticket with their customer support system. They've been excellent when I've used them in the past, although those times were for nothing as serious as this.

A Drobo firmware update bricked my Drobo

I'm migrating my files and apps to my new MacBook Pro. A highly anticipated improvement was connecting my Drobo S to a USB 3.0 interface, instead of my previous laptop's USB 2.0 bus. During my migration, the Drobo Dashboard advised me that a Drobo firmware update was available. I did the update, which -boom- bricked … Continue reading A Drobo firmware update bricked my Drobo