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I started my search for a new job on September 29 2014, when my employer (IP Street) implemented some organizational changes, and I concluded it was time for me to move on. I accepted an offer on December 22. My search took 12 weeks.

My parameters, and some unease, at the outset

I was still gainfully employed, which helps when you’re job hunting. The changes that were the proximate cause of my leaving would be implemented in the November — January timeframe, so I wasn’t worried about future unemployment. For IP Street, this was as good a time as any to leave: The product was stable, there wasn’t a big product initiative in progress, and the impending business changes would cause a blip in the company’s pace anyway.

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Coding tests are a fact of life when you interview for a developer job.  They’ve been written about plenty, and the conventional wisdom is they’re very useful.  For example, the venerable “Joel on Software” wrote about them in his “Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing,” and Jeff Atwood wrote about them in “Getting the Interview Phone Screen Right.”

Well, coding tests make sense for very junior job openings, where you’re looking for just a “coder”. Or, if the candidate has zero prior work experience.  Otherwise, they’re worthless. Read More