I've started thinking about mine. I've ignored it for decades. When I'm gone, nothing will remain. I haven't done anything worthwhile with my life. Two hundred years from now my name may be found in digitized census records. But nobody will look for it. Nothing is forever.  

Our house is now on the market

The listing went live last night. Broker's Open is today with first pubic showing tonight. Fingers are crossed. We made it over this hurdle!  

Moving is hell

All day yesterday was house staging work. The downside is that our lives are progressively discombobulated, the upside is that there's less emotional attachment to the house as the staging furniture arrives because it feels like I'm living in someone else's house. So I guess I'm advancing through the grief stages. I informed the original … Continue reading Moving is hell

Moving is hell

It's late at night and you've been at it for hours. Your spouse starts yelling because the cellophane tape is breaking off of its roll and she/he can't get the roll started again. Obscenities are being generated. Do you reply with: "Why don't you take a break? Better yet, let's quit for the day." "It … Continue reading Moving is hell

More decluttering

We priced storage facilities yesterday. Yikes! It depends on the location, but a 10' x 10' space costs between $200-$230 a month plus tax. We've heard stories about people storing things for years, and when they empty their storage container most of the stuff goes into a dumpster. That's insane! You paid lots of money … Continue reading More decluttering

Sh*t just got real

We spent four hours with our realtor today discussing what needs to happen to sell the house, what stays vs. goes for the staging, and when we need to move into temporary housing.  Bittersweet. 

Selling our house

We're selling our house and it hit me just today. We've been here 17 years and love it, but we want to downsize and simplify our lives. This feels very odd.

Brain shrinkage 

Twice in the past month I swore I did X when I actually did Y. One time it was misremembering an online order's shipping charges, and the other time was when I committed to the wrong git branch.  Maybe my inevitable brain shrinkage has led to senility.