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The first keynote started with an REM music video.  Bang!, wake up!

The Open Invention Network — great concept. Then, a “historian” talk, which I found self-indulgent, but which had a hilarious comment stream in the #oscon channel.  It remains to be seen how effective the Open Web Foundation will be — I don’t understand how it will differ from the W3C, but maybe I need more coffee.

Danese Cooper gave an insightful and entertaining talk about whinging, starting with the fabulous Helsinki Whinging Choir video. Her basic proposition: Less complaining && more positive responsible action == a better world. +1.  Nathan Torkington talked about spawning the next generation of open source hackers, i.e., how to get kids interested in computers and geekdom at an early age.  It was a great talk, but I wished he had opined about OLPC. Read More

The keynotes were mostly good.  Thinking about cloud computing as a centralization movement that’s counter to recent computing trends was thought-provoking.  “We should always have full control.” Chris Peterson had extremely perceptive observations on trends in security and privacy.  The database normalization talk was very good, but I wish it had been a little deeper. A great talk on database security by Josh Berkus; I wonder if I could hire him to audit our postgres installation.  Subversion practices talk was decent but a little fluffy.  DTrace, for “full stack” introspection, looks like a great tool.  I can see us using it at work, once the Linux port is available. Read More

Taking Amtrak to Portland was great! Business Class, at $82 round-trip, was a total win.

But the conditions at King Street Station was sub-par.  The check-in procedure was silly: I first went to the ticketing kiosks to pick up my ticket, then I went to the other side of the room to check my baggage, and then I crossed the room again to go to a third location to get my boarding pass. The boarding pass being different than the ticket (and, the process for Business Class boarding passes being different from Coach) was slightly confusing.  The grime and shabbiness of the place didn’t help my mood.

However, the train was A+.  It left on time, was clean, and I didn’t have to go through the idiotic security procedures used at US airports.  This alone made the trip far more enjoyable than a plane. Read More