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My team (well, there’s just two of us now) is creating the development infrastructure for our big project, which is building my company’s new CMS on Plone. We’ll be Agile, of course, but without zealotry.

It fell to me to install Review Board on our Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) administrative server, to evaluate it for our online code reviews. This should have been a snap, because:

  1. The server is a clean installation, administered by yours truly. I install only necessary software, and use apt-get for all of them.
  2. I read installation instructions before installing software.
  3. I’m smart.

I installed Review Board and hooked it up to Apache 2.2 without too much trouble. (I had a mental block on the <Alias> directive, but never mind that.)

All went well, until I got to the end of Review Board’s installation instructions. There I found:

Set Up Search
This isn’t strictly necessary (and might be hard on some platforms), but it’ll make your users love you. See SettingUpSearch for details.

I want my team to love me. So, I took the bait.

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