Not giving up on Pyrax

Jesse Noller, who works at Rackspace, volunteered to take a look at the underlying problems. He's an awesome dude.  

Giving up on Pyrax

An update to an earlier post... I'm replacing pyrax with something else in our system. The authentication errors and oddball failures still occur, and I've lost confidence that Rackspace will fix them in any reasonable amount of time. This is extremely frustrating. Python-cloudfiles was way more stable, even though it wasn't and still isn't in … Continue reading Giving up on Pyrax

Rackspace’s Pyrax not ready for prime time

An update to an earlier post... We've had problems using the pyrax SDK, mostly in account authentication. First, it wasn't at all clear when, or under what conditions, we had to re-authenticate our pyrax token. As documented, after you initially authenticate your credentials, pyrax handles all subsequent re-authentication under the covers. I.e., it will automatically re-authenticate the token if it … Continue reading Rackspace’s Pyrax not ready for prime time

Upgrading our CloudFiles API

We host IP Street's SAAS product at Rackspace. We're finally taking the plunge and upgrading from python-cloudfiles to pyrax. We didn't have any big issues with python-cloudfiles, but I was tiring of getting the brush-off from Rackspace when we asked for help with an API failure. The benefits of keeping a technology up-to-date far outweighs … Continue reading Upgrading our CloudFiles API