I learn about news events mostly from Twitter

I had a revelation this morning: I learn about news events mostly from Twitter. This seems obvious, and almost natural, in hindsight. But even three months ago I didn't expect this. I grew up on newspapers, like everyone else in my ahem age bracket. By 2002, I was getting more news from web sites, and … Continue reading I learn about news events mostly from Twitter

Twitter echo chambers

Lately, I've seen an increase in "Twitter porn." That's my term. I just invented it. I'm not referring to web-cam girls, accounts with handles like lusty[insert name]2755. I'm referring instead to twittering about Twitter. Twitter porn is meta-twittering. It's being social about being social. Like sexual porn, it can be good, but usually it's teh suck. … Continue reading Twitter echo chambers

identi.ca vs. twitter

I've used identi.ca micro-blogging for the past five months. I'm switching to twitter. Why identi.ca? I was involved with a number of projects at Fisher Communications until last month. Including building a Plone system to be its news sites' in-house CMS. Our development environment and technology stack were open-source, with only a couple exceptions. When I worked … Continue reading identi.ca vs. twitter