Down by a river

A lot has happened since I wrote my last career rumination.

Earlier, I had interviewed with Fisher Communications‘ Fisher Interactive Network division, for a position of Director – Web Development.  I was interested in the job, and the corporate gears appeared to be turning in my direction, but no offer had yet come forth.  I was also talking with other parties in varying degrees of gravity.

After my last post, I reflected on how my thinking had changed in the past two months.  And how rather than dallying with a job search, I ought to push the throttles forward all the way.  So I changed my full-time employment search from word-of-mouth and casual discussions, to on-line resume listings and teeing up my resume with headhunters.

Well. My keys had barely left the keyboard when Fisher Interactive Network made me a generous offer, which I quickly accepted. So after pushing the throttles forward, I yanked them back.  (To do the metaphor justice, I did more than that — I completely shut down the recruitment engine. Mere hours after contacting the headhunters, I contacted them again to take myself off the market.)  I’ll be working at FIN starting on April 7, reporting to Nancy Bruner, VP & GM of Fisher Interactive Network.

This feels like a good resolution to my recent career musing, and I expect this to be a fun job.  I’ll report interesting tidbits here when I’m able to.

4 thoughts on “Down by a river

  1. Good luck with that. I stumbled upon your blog because I was searching for the details of at-will employment laws in Washington state. I was surprised after reading the article that you also did Python and Django. Yes. They rock. Anyway, good luck with the work.

  2. Congrats, John!

    I knew you would parlay your way into an exciting opportunity like this one.

    Best of luck!

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