Ah, Emacs

I’ve been using SPE as my Python editor for a couple of years.  It takes an IDE approach to the user window and UX model.  I liked it, and I even donated money to its support fund.

But I’ve been an Emacs guy since back in the day.  I was never fond of Emacs’ Windows integration, so I fell out of the habit of using it during my Windows years.

I’ve now discovered Aquamacs.  Baby, I’m home.

2 thoughts on “Ah, Emacs

  1. @redochre: I tried carbon emacs before finding Aquamacs. I can’t tell you why I liked Aquamacs better, but I did…

    I’m not saying carbon emacs is bad — just that I liked the feel of Aquamacs better.

    I occasionally read complaints about Aquamacs’ default behavior of opening files in a new window. But it’s trivial to change its behavior to the Emacs standard of reusing the current window, with an Aquamacs customization variable.

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