A Review of EMC Retrospect for Macintosh

After my terrible experience with Memeo LifeAgent for Mac, I searched for a better backup application for my MacBook.  (By “better,” I mean, “it’s not a piece of crap, and it works.”)

After reading enough product descriptions to glaze my eyes over, I decided upon EMC Retrospect for Macintosh.

At $119, it’s pricey, compared to consumer-grade backup applications. They’ve done a good job with the initial configuration screens, although they are more involved than simpler backup applications.

It works. It’s rock solid. It’s +1. It’s a backup application that I’ll definitely never grow out of, because it can handle any system and network folder configuration I’ll ever dream up.  It works.  I know from past experiences with this company that they take customer support seriously, unlike Memeo.  Did I mention that it works and it’s rock solid?

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