Ghostly Apple logo on my MacBook Pro screen

I’ve noticed something about my MacBook that’s mildly cool.  When I put it to sleep, the LCD screen appears to be completely off when viewed in a normally-lit room.  But if I turn out the lights, I can see a faint, ghostly Apple logo displayed in the middle of the screen.  It’s fuzzy, has a yellowish color, and it seemingly floats in the middle of the screen.

My first thought was, Oh no, I’ve burned something into the middle of the LCD screen!  But that’s not it. It’s a little bit of branding thoughtfulness built into the MacBook’s sleep code.

Anybody else see this?

  1. No its not branding. Its the apple logo in the front. It is clear so that the light from the screen can also light up the logo. It works both ways. Notice how the apple logo is backwards, and how when you put your hand over the logo it goes away.

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