I haven’t accomplished anything in my job yet

I’ve been at my current job for about 3.5 months. I’m involved in a lot of things, and I think I have a good rep at work. But, I haven’t actually shipped anything yet! I can’t point to anything visible outside of the company and say, “I did that.”

I am indeed working on some cool initiatives. Of the most important ones…

  • Initiative A might go live in the second week of August.
  • Initiative B might go live in September.
  • Initiative C, I’ll be working on for a while before it might see the light of day.

And yet, they’re still paying me.

5 thoughts on “I haven’t accomplished anything in my job yet

  1. @sagar: Long time no see! How are you doing, old friend?

    I’m Director of Web Development for Fisher Interactive Network, the web division of Fisher Communications. They are a regional broadcast company, operating in four western states in the continental US.

  2. Hi john, am fine, how r u?, hadnt visited your site for long time. Good to know your position currently. Trenchmice has really been one of the most hopeful start for me. Looking to work with you in future soon.

  3. One of the best place i have worked is TM. So much freedom and exploration of talent and ideas and oppourtunity to work with a guy like you. unfortunately, it was short period.

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