The Zope Book

I’ve finished reading The Zope Book (2.6 edition).  Although understanding of Zope 2 is nowhere near as complete as my understanding of Django, I at least now understand how to create and administer a Zope-based site. Huzzah!

Minor grumbles:

The Zope Book’s latest editions are 2.6 (released) and 2.7 (in progress, this will be the next edition). The latest versions of Zope are 2.11 and 3.3. This gets my “Confusing Numbers of the Week” award. The Zope Book editions ought to be differentiated by their release dates, and not by version numbers.

ZClasses: Fail

The Zope Book spends a lot of time on ZClasses. Or, is it Z Classes? Either way, when I try to add one in Zope 2.10.6-final, I’m told that “ZClasses are a deprecated feature and should no longer be used for new projects.” Ooops.

I don’t know the relative popularity of DTML vs. ZPT. But, to me, ZPT seems to be the way to go. And so I wonder why The Zope Book devotes so much text and space to DTML. It ought to say it’s deprecated, or if it’s not officially deprecated, then say it’s not a best practice. And then direct the reader to a separate DTML user guide & reference.

Now I’m back to Plone reading. And awaiting my copy of Web Component Development with Zope 3, which Jesse Snyder and David Glick suggested I read.

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