PithHelmet crashes Safari 3.2

PithHelmet crashes Safari 3.2.

Safari acted normally for a day or so after I upgraded to 3.2. Then, it started crashing within a couple of minutes of being launched. The crashes were always Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) and Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS.

Nothing else was acting up, so I didn’t think it was a hardware problem. I tried resetting Safari, no good. I tried deleting all my plug-ins, no good. Then I removed PithHelmet, and all was well.

I checked the PithHelmet page, and sure enough, the latest version, which I had installed, is listed as “Safari 3.1.x only.” I e-mailed the author (I paid for my copy, twice, in fact!) about it. No answer yet…

3 thoughts on “PithHelmet crashes Safari 3.2

  1. Safari 3.2 has *serious* issues with the anti-phishing code. Turning that off has cleared up any problems I’ve had with it. Note also that I am using PithHelmet without issue (and yes, I paid, too).

  2. @DDA: Good point. I had read commentary like that also, so, I had tried turning off the anti-phishing first. And, Safari still crashed. So, for me, I needed to uninstall PithHelmet.

    Without knowing the problem’s root cause, we can only speculate. E.g., maybe the problem can be fixed in one of two ways, depending on your other installed applications/plug-ins/updates… We don’t know, because Mike Solomon, PithHelmet’s author, has been silent on the matter. Even to his paying customers.

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