while listening_to(Plone): code(Plone)

Most of the technical people in my division (Fisher Interactive) use Apple Macs. They’re all MacBook Pros, except for a Mac Pro used by Andrew.

I sometimes listen to music via iTunes when I work. I’ve rediscovered classical music, so my library has some of that (e.g., a London Symphony performance of Holst’s The Planets, a Boston Symphony performance of Carmina Burana), and more contemporary favorites (e.g., Yes, Traffic, B-52s, Poco, Nektar, and Dave Mason). I shared out my iTunes library — I’m hoping that others bring in their favorite music, and we build a shared library network at work…

Anyway. On a whim, I bought the only two albums (For Beginner Piano and Plock) made by the group Plone, from which the Plone CMS got its name. I plugged in my Bose headphones, cranked up the volume, started the Plone playlist, and began on a CSS task.

I found Plone’s music to be… Different. It was like nothing I expected. It’s… Unusual.

Andrew says it’s good music to code to. Um… Maybe. I don’t think it’ll ever replace Yes, Traffic, or Lou Reed.


Updated 1/10: I replaced the last sentence with one a little less impudent.

2 thoughts on “while listening_to(Plone): code(Plone)

  1. They actually were in the process of producing a third album — by far their best, IMO — before they broke up.

    The album was leaked, and can be found online if you know where to look.

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