I’m the new Planet Plone zookeeper

Gerry Kirk asked for volunteers to take over as the maintainer of Planet Plone’s blog list. I raised my hand, and Gerry quickly said, “Huzzah! We have a winner!”

I’m the new zookeeper. It seems like an easy job. And, a way to start contributing (in a teensy-weensy capacity) to the Plone community.

Tonight, I have, alas, a small problem with my ssh keys. Tomorrow, I should launch the “DeRosa era of zookeeping” by processing existing requests for additions to the blog list.

8 thoughts on “I’m the new Planet Plone zookeeper

  1. Hello!

    I am writing to you in hope if you can help me!
    Yesterday I start to read a text in Planet Plone, about CMS and usability for older people.
    Today, when I return to Planet Plone to finish the reading, the article was not there no more!
    Can you please help me to find the text, or point me to the author??

    Many thanks

  2. @Jota: The Planet Plone page is a a list of blog posts ordered by date, and, as you’ve discovered, there’s no “older entries” link at the bottom. Once a blog post rolls off the page, it’s no longer accessible from that page. That’s a conscious decision — it’s for only the most recent news and buzz.

    But that post still exists on its home blog, of course. So your first option would be to search the web for it.

    Another possibility would be to search Plone’s support forums for questions similar to yours. Or, ask for pointers on the #plone IRC channel.

    Whenever I read an interesting post, I always add its blog to my syndication reader. That way I can always get to it.

    Another thought is, if you viewed that post’s URL in your browser, it should still be in your browser’s history list.

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