What to do with iMac 1GB memory modules?

I upgraded my wife’s 24″ 2.8GHz iMac memory to 4GB. This required replacing the two 1GB DIMMs with two 2GB DIMMs.

So. I now have two spare 1GB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM modules. What to do with them?

A quick perusal of eBay indicates they might fetch $20 each. Maybe. Is it worth the effort to sell them?

I can’t believe this is even a question. There’s 2GB of fast memory sitting on my desk! And I’m wondering if it’s worth the hassle to photograph them, compose the eBay listing, answer e-mails from prospective buyers, and then take them down to the post office. All to net $30 (probably) or $40 (if I’m lucky).

$30 wouldn’t even cover dinner for two at The 5 Spot.

Two gigabytes! Of fast memory! Fourty years ago, two megabytes would have been 100x the volume, dissipate 10,000x the power, and have cost 100,000x as much, for .01x the performance.

Now I’m like, eh, yawn, maybe I should toss them in the garbage. There’s something wrong with this picture, but I can’t rationally describe it.

I think I’ll offer them for sale on the Seattle Xcoders, SeaPIG, and Seattle Plone Gathering lists. I’ll ask for $10 a piece.

Update @ 1/25: During an e-mail folder cleansing, I came upon a receipt for a purchase of additional Dell laptop memory from 2004. It was for 256MB, for a Dell Insprion 8100. The date was January 7, 2004, and the cost was $91. Relative to one of these 1GB modules, the 2004 256MB module has 1x the volume, dissipates ?1x? the power, cost 3x as much, stores .256x the capacity, and has .2x the performance.

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