Fisher Communications layoff: T + one week

One week has passed since Fisher Communications laid me off.

I’ve gotten lots of support from friends, and other Fisher layoffees. And I’ve given support in return. Lots of reconnections in the last week — lots of phone calls, coffees, drinks, lunch appointments, blog comments, and e-mails. Wow, it’s a party.

At times, I’ve had some of the same thoughts as any other laid-off person. Mainly, bafflement at my situation and general workplace unfairness. And then rationality returns — who said life was fair?

That sounds a bit more intense than I intend. My head is actually in a good place. After you’ve been around the block a few times, you understand the truth of the old saw, “The corporation is a soulless beast.” Firms do differ in their treatment of employees, but the fundamentals remain.

My biggest concern on my last day was whether I could copy my iTunes library off my laptop. (I did.) I had some nice classical stuff from eMusic.

My plan of chilling this week, and commencing the new job search next week, is still in place.

4 thoughts on “Fisher Communications layoff: T + one week

  1. Its gonna be hard in recession time. US crisis has also affected worstly in india (where i live). The diamond industry has been completely pulled out in just few months with lacs employees returning to natives and owners who were millionaires came to road overnight.

    1. Thanks, sagar. I appreciate your words. I don’t have any illusions about the challenges ahead. OTOH, looking for a new gig is, in itself, exciting, so it’ll be fun no matter what happens. 🙂

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