Mind-mapping software

If you’re looking for mind-mapping software, I recommend FreeMind. I learned about it from a Macworld review.

It’s open source (GNU GPL), feature-rich, and works great. The review dinged it for frequent hangs, but it hasn’t hung on me yet. I’m using it to brainstorm my job search.

Its UI isn’t very Mac-like, but it is tolerable. And you can navigate a map quite easily after learning the keyboard shortcuts.

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7 thoughts on “Mind-mapping software

  1. I am using Curio on the Mac, and love it. It links into Evernote, which is my favorite app now. Anyway, Freemind is free, so there is an advantage 😉

  2. @JeffMc: I used Evernote for a while, first on the PC and then when I moved to the Mac. Having a mind-mapping app that links directly into the “bit bucket app” 🙂 sounds intereting.

    I’m curious, have you ever tried Together? It’s a similar kind of app — you can keep everything together, tag things, be able to filter based on tags, etc. What made me switch was that Together puts a translucent dock on the desktop’s right edge, and I can drag something there to deposit it into my bit bucket.

    Evernote on the PC was a bit clunky — its keyboard shortcuts sometimes didn’t do what I wanted. OTOH, that was over a year ago, and it’s probably better by now.

    Anyway… just curious if you’ve tried Together, and how you would compare them.

  3. I think every mind mapping software works well in their very own unique way.

    However, I believe in order to bring the best potential out of someone’s brain in terms of information, ideas or solutions organization, I think it would be best to use different colors and graphics to represent different ideas being branched out.

    Hence, as my nickname suggest, Tony Buzan’s iMindMap has earned my respect.

    Just a thought =)

    David Kendrick

  4. I love mind mapping. I was first introduced to it about 12 years ago. I have two fairly good books on the subject:
    .The Mind Map Book by Tony Buzan @ 1993
    .Mapping Inner Space (second edition) by Margaret J. Wheatley @2002.

    I’m going to check out FreeMind. Thanks for the plug.

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