Open Source Bridge arrival

I’ve checked into a swell room at the Portland Hilton. I hope to link up with other Open Source Bridge attendees later, for dinner or drinks. PDXPHP is hosting a kickoff meeting tonight; I’m not a big PHP user, so I’ll probably not attend.

Apparently, the 24-hour hacker lounge is located on the floor directly above mine! That means two things. One, I can overdose on the 24-hacker lounge. Two, I’m hoping the lounge’s wifi reaches down here, because the in-room network is $10/day. (It’s fast, but it’s still an unacceptable extra expense coming from a business hotel chain.) So I’ll be able to continue being connected overnight, without the additional fee.

2 thoughts on “Open Source Bridge arrival

  1. OSB sounds like a great sub for OSCON. Wish I could be there. Good luck with your networking. 🙂

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