EMC Retrospect 8.1

On Monday, EMC released Retrospect 8.1. Here’s the lowdown:

  • There is still no user manual. This is shameful for a product that was released for sale three months ago.
  • The engine — console communications are better.
  • The console UI is getting better, but it’s still goofy in some respects.
  • In the support forums, there still are reports of spurious problems with intra-application communication, and backup management.

Bottom line: I still give this product a thumbs-down. Until, at a minimum, they release a solid user manual, and fix enough bugs so that it feels like a solid, you-bet-your-data product. As things stand now, I’m sorry I bought it.

For some background, read my previous post about EMC Retrospect 8.0.

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5 thoughts on “EMC Retrospect 8.1

  1. I finally gave up on Retrospect. Using Crashplan Pro now and am happy so far. Static IP just for the server and all clients connect to it with no problems (a far cry from Retrospect).

    1. Thank you for the pointer! I’ll give Crashplan Pro a look. Restrospect’s screwy communication between the engine/console and the clients has been so disappointing.

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. I’ve been so frustrated by the dismal state of OS X backup that I once again considered trying Retrospect 8.x.

    Your advice has stiffened my spine. Thank you.

    It’s so sad to look at their support forum thread on the forever “nearly done” user manual. Must be hell to have to work for EMC on this product.

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