I’m grumpy

I’m grumpy about the local Seattle media’s self-serving Web 2.0 / blogosphere circular hand-tugs.

I’m grumpy about obvious toot-your-own-horn tweets on Twitter. (Hint: If I’m interested in your blog, it’ll be in my RSS reader. Tweeting that you just wrote a blog post is inane.)

I’m grumpy about how the main stream media writes about the stock market. It’s up, it’s down, investors are bullish or bearish. Here are two news flashes: Investors are clueless. And an index of 30 stocks doesn’t represent the economy, or even the rest of the stock market.

I’m grumpy about friends who, I’ve come to realize, don’t value my friendship as much as I do theirs. You know what? My time’s too valuable to waste. Buh bye.

I’m grumpy about Microsoft’s head in the sand. It’s running on inertia. Most of its products are teh suck. As more financial stumbles happen, the local news wizards will breathlessly write about it, because Who would’ve guessed it would happen?

I’m grumpy about how Seattle is a Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Boeing town. I’m grumpy that it’s clogged with companies working in .NET and Java.

I’m grumpy about President Obama turning out to be at best a status-quo defender, and at worst George W. Bush’s third administration.

I’m grumpy about how the centralized ownership of American communications outlets warps public opinion. I’m grumpy about the clueless populace. (Centralizing news outlets biases our news? Gee, who would’ve guessed that would happen?)

I’m grumpy about corporate personhood. America cannot start reversing its decline until we eliminate it.

I’m grumpy.

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