Re-imagining News & Community in the Pacific Northwest: Day 1

Live-blogging day 1 of the conference.


17:54: Much good conversation about photography, information dissemination, and pricing models. I feel my control rods going in; time to head home.

16:05: Chatted with someone from the West Seattle Blog. “How much have you been affected by Fisher CommunicationsKOMO neighborhood blogs?” “Not at all.” Fisher’s astroturfing of their blogs was an open secret. “They’re cheesy looking. Professional and slick, but it looks like they tried to look amateurish.” Consensus was Fisher’s seeing maybe 300 hits/day from each one. Don’t know if that’s right, but I love a good rumor as much as the next man.

1530: Nowhere near enough power strips.

1500: Talking about our conference goals. What do we want to get out of this event, and what’s the best possible outcome we individually can imagine from being here together?

1431: Some attendees are from B.C., Oregon, and the east coast.

1313: Got here around 12:30. Jaunted up to the HUB, had lunch, came back to the conference room. Now watching other attendees arrive.

Only eight participants self-identifed as technologists.

0839: Testing the article formatting.

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