PyCon 2010, last day

I’ll update this as the day progresses at PyCon 2010.


1518: Boy, the wireless network here done wonders for my, uh, e-mail connectivity.

1512: A hot button of mine: I learned to pronounce it, “LAY-tech”, not, “LAH-tech.”

1509: Please Pirate manifesto! Brilliant lightning talk! And it has a blog.

1433: We’re ending with more lightning talks. After which I’ll hack code for the rest of the day.

1355: Hg and Git : Can’t we all just get along? A comparison of the two systems. “Our enemy is SVN.” Revlog vs. associative storage.

1315: Modern version control: Mercurial internals. More internal information than I needed, but I picked up useful tidbits.

1200: My wife sent me a photo of one of our cats staring intently at a nest of noisy Starlings in the gutter above my study. PyCon has been superb, but I’m looking forward to going home.

Kitty staring at birds: So close yet so far.

1155: Dealing with unsightly data in the real world. Eh…

1021: I’m staying in the same room for the remaining scheduled talks. This means I’ll be continuously on the net, which is good news for my torrents e-mail connectivity.

0958: During Python Opportunities Keynote speech, I made a breakthrough on how best to define account plans, and a la carte pricing feature pricing, in a site I’m working on. Woo-hoo!

0907: Plenary and Keynote talks. Jython may skip Python 2.7 compatibility, and go from 2.6 to 3.x.

0833: And we’re off! The Python Argentina groupCython – for best performance, type everything and stay in C as long as you can. Python monkey patching – Gah!

0752: In the big room, hacking around until the 8:30 lightning talks.

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